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Top 5 Most Craptastic Music Videos Ever

Watch them and agree with us that these should have never been made

As compiled by American Films, here they are, in decending order of crapdom...

1 - Average Homeboy II: Blazin Hazen
Being a white rapper in the 80s is no excuse for hot pink jumpsuits. Somethings are never okay no matter what decade you grew up in.

2 - Jan Terri: Losing You (1993)
Whether riding in a limo or on the back a hog, this 1993 music video by Jan Terri is nothing less than craptastic.

3 - Call On Me (remake)
Eric Prydz remake of classic 80s tune. Aye dios mio someone put some pants on these crazy jazzercisers. Is this a music video or B-roll from some soft-core porn?

4 - Baby got book
Christian version of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back".

5 - Sado Maso
Well, it is French, but that's no excuse for crappyness.