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Top 10 allegations from the Bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control's liquor license-revocation case.



Top 10 allegations from the Bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control's liquor license-revocation case.

1. Start timing ... NOW! One Banana, Two Banana ...

Satin Dolls Gentleman's Club, Nampa, January 2

"[A] dancer knelt on the edge of the stage facing away from a male patron, her buttocks were within 12 inches of the male patron's face. She moved her pelvis in a humping motion for approximately 10-15 seconds."

2. One Banana Hammock, Two Banana Hammock ...

Big Easy, Men of Las Vegas Show, January 5

"Before the dancing and entertainment began, one of the male performers announced that the male entertainers could not touch anyone in the audience, but that anyone in the audience could touch any male entertainer. As he made this statement, he took the hand of a female patron and placed her hand on his crotch."

3. Isn't That Some Kind of Health Code Violation?

Big Easy, January 5

"At one time that evening, one of the male entertainers was about six feet away from a Big Easy employee wearing a yellow shirt that said 'STAFF' on it. The male entertainer had a female patron up on the bar, in a seated position facing him. He simulated the act of sexual intercourse with her and placed his face in her chest, while his hands were touching her all over, on her breasts, on her buttocks, down her pants and on her inner thighs. The man wearing the 'STAFF' shirt did nothing to try to stop the exhibition."

4. Fake Dongs Get the Kibosh, Too

Buffalo Club, Meridian, Chippendales show, January 19

"Once inside, [Trooper] Davidson and IA Tasso observed numerous sexual 'toys' on display. Those items displayed included phallic sexual entertainment devices, Silver Bullets (vibrating sexual devices), personal lubricant, candles that turn into sensual massage oil when melted, vibrating devices, artificial penises that were crafted to look realistic and a soft light peach-pink device called 'Sweet Embrace' that simulates a vagina."

5. That's Mr. Bibiloni To You

Buffalo Club, January 19

"At one point, two male dancers, the first, known as Elvin Bibiloni, a male with shoulder-length brown hair and medium to dark skin, and the second dancer, a male with short dark hair and dark skin, were dancing on stage totally nude except for their socks and kneepads. They attempted to keep one of their hands over their genitals while they danced. They completely turned around and exposed their naked buttocks to the audience and then turned again and thrust their genitals (covered by their hands) toward the crowd a couple of times and exited the stage after bending over, exposing their buttocks, to pick up their discarded clothing."

6. How Else Was She Supposed To Win?

Club Z, Nampa, January 27

"Trooper Davidson and Officer Schreiber observed Ruby on top of Lisa and saw that Ruby was simulating the act of sexual intercourse by humping Lisa aggressively. Lisa was on her back several times while Ruby performed this same act. Ruby grabbed Lisa's breasts each time she was on top of her."

7. Your Tax-Dollar Singles at Work

Spearmint Rhino, January 5

"The dancer then placed her head on Trooper Davidson's lap and then pulled his sweater over her face. While her head was completely covered by his sweater, she pushed her head down into his crotch and moved her head from side to side rubbing his genitals with the back of her head. She then placed her right hand on Trooper Davidson's crotch and grabbed his pants. She then pulled at the top of his zipper as if to open the fly of his pants."

8. Yes, the Guy Inside Was The One Knocking.

Satin Dolls, November 12, 2006

"At approximately 4:14 a.m., officers heard a knock on the front door from the inside of the bar. At this time, officers announced their presence by stating, "Nampa Police Department." A voice from inside said, "Who?" Again, "Nampa Police Department" was yelled. After this exchange, contact was lost at the front door."

9. They Call it Butt-Floss For a Reason

Satin Dolls, January 2

"Another dancer was dancing on the stage, and the entire time she was dancing part of her pubic area was exposed. Her g-string did not appear to be the correct size to cover her pubic area."

10. Let's go Nipple Hoppin'!

Satin Dolls, January 2, owner Darrell Barrett's birthday party.

"Trooper Davidson observed Barrett being served no less than 12 shots from the bartender. After each set of three shots, one of the staff would announce the number of shots that Barrett had consumed to the entire building. She announced the number '45' after his final three shots ... Trooper Davidson observed Barrett head-butting people, he also observed Barrett grab a female dancer from behind and lock her arms behind her. She grimaced until he let go of her. Barrett swayed and stumbled as he walked, he fell into the candy machine and into a person sitting at the bar, nearly tipping that person over ... While Barrett was standing near the front entrance, he grabbed a female dancer and placed his mouth on her left breast while he stumbled around. He remained with his mouth on the female's breast while a person photographed them. Again, he placed his mouth over a second female's breast in order to take photographs with the dancer. The second dancer announced, 'Wow, my nipple's hard and it's not even cold in here.'"

All excerpts from documents filed with the Idaho Attorney General's Office. Thanks to BW Webmaster Phil Merrell for contributing the headlines for Nos. 1, 3 and 10.