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Tool Bandit's Cinematic Past Betrays Him


Jose Flores was tooling around Caldwell with (presumably) his mind on his money and (reportedly) his ride full of stolen tools that (apparently) didn't include a moustache trimmer.

Then he met up with the C-town fuzz. Officers had seen a video of Flores's vehicle at the scene of a burglary the previous week and were sweet on him for a number of robberies. When a pair of officers pulled Flores over in a routine stop, they received a gift-wrapped collar without having to throw so much as a single can of tear gas. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

In a subsequent investigation, police discovered more tools at Flores' home. They say the tools are from construction sites and vehicles from around Canyon County. Flores, on the other hand, is now property of the county (metaphorically), which is charging him with felony burglary.