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Tony and Janina's American Wedding Screening

Thursday, June 30 at Cole/Marr Gallery


Tony and Janina's American Wedding offers a fresh perspective on the U.S. Immigration system that is creating widespread controversy and suffering within our borders.

The project blossomed from what was intended to be a three-minute profile of a Dreams Across America tour. Written, produced and directed by Ruth Leitman, this feature-length documentary chronicles the plight of a Polish-American family torn apart by immigration laws.

After 18 years spent cultivating a modest life in the suburbs of Chicago, Tony and Janina Wasilewski are informed that Janina is being deported back to Poland, and she will take their 6-year-old son with her. The depths of this domestic tragedy are revealed through Tony's struggle to cope with the loss of his family and his fight to reunite them. Set against a political backdrop of Chicago's movement for immigration reform, this film illuminates the post-9/11 human rights struggle that all undocumented immigrants in America face.

Dixon hopes this film will add to the national dialogue on the need for immigration reform. The documentary made its debut at the Chicago International Film Festival last year and has had more than 100 screenings across the nation. It will make its Boise premiere as part of the 8th Street Artist in Residence Last Thursday Amor in Exile screening series. Former BW News Editor Nathaniel Hoffman will host this film on Thursday, June 30, at the Cole/Marr Coffee and Photography Workshop in downtown Boise. Donations will be collected at the door to benefit the filmmakers.

[ Video is no longer available. ]