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Tonight Alive and Silverstein

Jan. 28, Knitting Factory


Though Silverstein is making the journey from Canada and Tonight Alive hails from Australia, the two bands have a dark energy in common that makes them a fitting pair for a North American tour. Alt-rock quartet Tonight Alive is fresh off the release of a new album, Underworld (Hopeless Records, Jan. 12), an emotional dive for vocalist Jenna McDougall, whose pure, powerful voice is the undertow pulling listeners into its 13 tracks. Silverstein, a veteran punk/hardcore group which has sold more than a million albums since its 2003 debut, shares a similar energy, but its instrumentally dense interplay of vocals, drums and guitar draws attention to itself in a way it doesn’t with Tonight Alive. Despite the Australian group’s flirtation with darkness, it seems clean next to Silverstein frontrunner Shane Told’s delivery of clear notes descending into throaty screams—a signature sound the band dubbed “aggressive-to-melodic contrast.” If you like to wallow in the gutwrenching—Told used his band’s newest album, Dead Reflection (Rise Records, 2017), as a post mortem for a recent failed relationship—don’t miss this double act at the Knitting Factory Sunday, Jan. 28.

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