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Tommy and Billy Enter The System


Shopping at convenience stores is a crapshoot. On one hand, they are the easiest place to reap all the benefits of Boise's status as a thriving "test market"--for instance, the "extra creamy"-flavored Kit-Kat, which the author has only ever seen at the Stinker Station on Main Street, or the rare Orange Creme Fanta in the fountain lineup at the 7-11 at Main and Broadway. On the other hand, the best discount you're liable to find at a convenience store is an occasional two-for-one discount, and even then, you might have to rob them at gunpoint to get it.

Thomas Lawrence Dudley, 42, of Mountain Home committed just that crime at two Jackson's Food Stores on the Bench on May 27. However, he pleaded guilty to a single count of felony robbery on October 20, and was sentenced by Fourth District Judge Joel Horton to serve four to 10 years in prison. His 20-year-old apprentice, Billy Riley of Boise, was damned by the system to serve up to seven years in prison and a minimum of (text unavailable; covered by extra-creamy stain from experimental junkfood).