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Together Pangea, Sept. 2, The Crux

Get it together


As the shape of music changes, often so do its geographic origins. Scenes have long been born in the undergrounds of New York City and Nashville, Tenn., but cities in Minnesota, North Carolina and even our own Idaho have also been sound and style incubators. Los Angeles would have been in the list right next to NYC but lately, the City of Angels seems to grow only two-dimensional mainstream cash machines that play it safe. Just below the surface though, there are bands well worth unearthing. LA-based Together Pangea has re-sown the seeds of its punk and rock forebands, and with its third full-length, Badillac (Harvest Records, 2014), Together Pangea is a reminder writ large of why LA is still a musical Mecca.

Many of the songs on Badillac are NSFW and artist Shelby Hohl's brilliantly animated video for "Cat Man" is definitely not--but throw a little caution to the wind.

In another togetherness note, this all-ages show at The Crux is presented by Neurolux.