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To Hell With Heck


Seven months ago, I became the first Editor-in-Chief in Boise Weekly history to rise to the position after being raised by a family of foxes. It wasn't my fault. A gnome had put a spell on my parents--but I digress.

The last 31 weeks have been a fascinating and consuming voyage, but the fates have cut my thread at this issue, which will be my last as editorial czar. This week's issue is also the last on the masthead for BW arts editor Sara Beitia--or at least, the last where her name will be topped with the words "Arts Editor." Sara and I will continue to contribute articles and, in my case, occasional poorly drawn cartoons like this week's Eye Spy and the weekly True Crime column, to BW, but we're also pursuing some long-planned individual projects. For instance, I'm starting a business wherein I buy ugly old pleated pants at estate sales and over the Internet, remove the pleats and sell them back to unassuming young consumers as hip flat-front slacks. Sara, on the other hand, is taking a high-level position at Halliburton, researching the financial savings the U.S. Government could reap by feeding schoolchildren seagull eggs instead of chicken eggs.

We will also be pursuing some notable collaborative projects, provided said projects don't conflict with The Bold and The Beautiful. Most notably, we are starting a crime-fighting duo to be known as Bitey the Human Possum and The Human Scorpion. Don't feel obligated to remember the name; just know we'll be there when you need us--and that goes for you, too, Boise Police.

Following our departure, BW will continue to provide the same timely and occasionally terrifying news, artwork and cultural criticism that readers have demanded from it for the last 14 years. You just won't be able to send spam to Sara or me anymore. Send hot new tips, conspiracy theories and doctored photos to Shea Andersen at shea@boiseweekly.com, and all arts, food and recreational news, story ideas and YouTube home movies to Amy Atkins care of amy@boise.com. Got all that? No? Well it wouldn't be the first time. At my departure, I still receive as much mail for former editors Sara Kuhl and David Madison as I do for myself. Take care.

--Nicholas Collias