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Times-News: Twin Falls Restaurant Bans Firearms


  • Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

A popular Magic Valley restaurant is telling its patrons to leave their firearms outside.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports
 the century-old Depot Grill, "one of Twin Falls' best-known restaurants," has posted signs reading: "No firearms or weapons allowed on this property."

That said, the owners told the Times-News that as long as customers keep their weapons out of sight, they won't be bothered.

"We just don't want them parading around in a family-style restaurant," restaurant manager Don Olson told the Times-News. 

Pro-gun activist Lance Earl, who is reportedly starting an AmendTwo group gun training club in the Magic Valley, wrote on his website that the the restaurant's policy stems from a confrontation between two patrons who were "legally and quietly open-carrying sidearms" and two "cowboys" who taunted the weapon-carrying customers.

In the meantime, Earl said he won't be holding any of his AmendTwo meetings at the restaurant.