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Times-News: Scathing Editorial Against 'Ruthless Refugee Opponents'



A blistering editorial in Wednesday's Twin Falls Times-News
takes what it calls "ruthless refugee opponents" to task for creating and sustaining lies in connection with false reports that spread across the nation, alleging refugees were to blame for a rape at a Twin Falls apartment complex.

The story exploded last week as refugee opponents began spreading false stories about a white, mentally disabled child being raped by knife-wielding Syrian refugees. Worse, the rumors called out the Twin Falls Police Department for not doing anything "about this heinous sex assault." 

The stories were false. No knife, no Syrian refugees.

The Times-News reports there "was some inappropriate touching in an apartment building's laundry room, egged on and videotaped by two older boys." To be sure, the girl was victimized, the Times-News reports, but the newspaper said the victim was the target of not only the boys but "opportunistic racists."  

Even Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs, in a rare move, spoke publicly of what really happened in the assault "to dispel the lies being spread," writes the Times-News.

"And the liars almost got away with it," the paper stated in its editorial. "As for the refugee opponents who concocted the despicable lie, there simply aren’t words to describe the shame and contempt you deserve."