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Despite my inability to once again detect that I had selected a foreign film, I was still excited to see this sci-fi mystery. After watching, I was glad to have seen it, but I can't exactly say it was all that good.

When a man spots someone loitering behind his country home, he wanders into the woods to investigate. Once there, he encounters a creepy masked man who chases him into a mysterious compound where his only escape seems to involve trusting a stranger—a scientist who sends him a few hours back in time. But once the man's timeline has been disrupted, there's no telling how much harm can be done.

I liken this movie to an episode of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits; the plot twists and timeline manipulations are enough to make any sci-fi junky salivate. However, the behavior of the characters is so unbelievably hokey at points that one can't help but scoff. Further injuring the film's credibility are subpar English voiceovers.

A cool feature about this picture is the potential discussion it can generate afterward. Out of my viewing party of three, I was the only person who seemed to actually understand how the story ended. Like other temporal tales such as Donnie Darko, this film is not for everyone. But if you can handle the absurdity of how one man deals with time travel, you could be in for an interesting sci-fi treat ... in Spanish or ridiculous-sounding English.

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