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Time is Frozen at Emma Hood's Marking Time Exhibition


Displayed on one wall of the Boise State University Trueblood Gallery are 365 pictures arranged in a grid, part of Emma Hood's new exhibition, Marking Time. The photos are 4 by 4 inches square and hang in rows of 28, with a total of 13 columns. From shots of Craigslist ads and wildlife to captured optical illusions, Hood's snapshots represent time as a constant. Rather than showing life as a flowing stream, her pictures capture moments, presenting them as singular events. She hopes that her exhibition will inspire others to enjoy every day.

"Appreciate your milestones but also appreciate the hard and bad times," said Hood.

Marking Time fills almost an entire wall with 4 by 4 inch photographs. - MCKENZIE YOUNG
  • McKenzie Young
  • Marking Time fills almost an entire wall with 4 by 4 inch photographs.

Marking Time is an entire year of work, and each photo chronicles Hood's daily experiences and encounters. Hood decided in 2016 that she would challenge herself creatively and used her iPhone to take and edit the photos. She took a photo each day and posted her pictures to her Instagram account, using the handle @hoodinthewood. Then, she assigned each image its own name and carefully placed it in the correct sequence in her exhibition.

"As the year went on it became this series on time, questioning what photography was," said Hood.

Hood explained that her light workload allowed her to challenge herself and to experiment with her photography. She reminisced about how her mom would praise her for her accomplishments throughout the year, drawing parallels between those accolades and some of her photos, like one that represents her new job.

Looking back at the images, she also recognized the hard or dull days. Hood said she now feels comfortable enough as an artist to show even work that she may not particularly like; this project was her way of getting through the tough times when commissions were few and far between.

"Enjoy the bad with the good and try to remember that each day you are going somewhere, you are going forward. Even if it feels like nobody cared that day," said Hood.

Marking Time opened March 4, and is on display at BSU through Thursday, April 5. Catch it there before the moment is lost.