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Time for Shots


Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to Boise Weekly ... happy birthday to us. Sure, anniversary might be a more appropriate term for an inanimate object than birthday but it just doesn't quite have the same ring in song, does it? This edition of Boise Weekly marks the 21st year that this rag of ours has been littering shelves and streets all over town--and we're damn proud of it. We want to celebrate in a manner that's in line with our hard-earned reputation for partying but we want your help.

Here's what we want as our 21st birthday present from you: your photo. And not just any photo. We want a photo of you during your 21st year (which, yes, we realize is technically your 22nd year). Don't send us anything you don't want published because it's quite possible that we will share any shot you give us with the wide world of BW readers. We know you youngin's out there already have a stockpile of digital photos stowed away in some cloud or on some social network, but we're also aware that, like many of us at BW, our 21st year was soooo pre-digital. While we'd much prefer that you email your photos to 21@boiseweekly.com, we're also willing and able to accommodate those of you who aren't digital and still want to share. Just stop into the office at Sixth and Broad streets and we'll use our fancy technology to scan your photo. Either way, the deadline is Tuesday, July 10. Please and thanks.

Also: One more very important piece of information. Next week, due to the Fourth of July holiday, Boise Weekly will not be delivered until Thursday, July 5. If I've just ruined your holiday morning plans, I apologize. But seriously, instead of reading a newspaper, shouldn't you be getting yourself to A: the grocery store for beer and watermelon, B: the "special" firework stand (you know, the one that sells the stuff you're not supposed to set off in Idaho), or C: the nearest body of water?

We're looking forward to seeing your photos. See the ad on Page 40 for more info. And have a safe and happy Fourth of July.