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Time for a Wintervention


You just can't quit. It's your drug, your crutch, the thing that comes before everything else. The only thing that prevents you from being there right now is the serious lack of snow that spring and summer bring with 'em. But it's fall now, and the wait is almost over, the monkey on your back is about to be satisfied. Might as well tease it with a little Wintervention.

The Warren Miller film tour has developed a cult-like following among winter sports enthusiasts. The screening of the latest film isn't your typical come-see-a-movie kind of thing. The event has become a full-on celebration of snow, mountains and the special part gravity plays in getting world-renowned athletes from Point A to Point B in the most spectacular way possible for anyone with boards strapped to their feet. The release of his movies traditionally mark the beginning of the season. This, Miller's 61st ski/board film, takes the snow-obsessed to far-reaching corners of the globe including Austria, British Columbia and even Antarctica, and showcases athletes such as Chris Davenport and Lindsey Vonn. Skiing icon Jonny Moseley narrates and makes an appearance.

Get your fix this year when the tour makes its stop downtown at the Egyptian Theatre.

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