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TIFF 2018: Moore, Please


  • George Pimentel WireImage Getty, for TIFF
Starring in what may be the sleeper-hit of this year's award season, Julianne Moore returned to the Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 7 in the sublime Gloria Bell. It was four years ago, almost to the day, that Moore emerged at TIFF in another sleeper, Still Alice. As I was watching Gloria Bell, I was certain that Moore is as good here as she was in Still Alice, for which she won the Best Actress Oscar. And upon some reflection, I'm convinced she is even better in this newest film, which should hit North American screens later this year.

And speaking of Oscars, Gloria Bell is the work of of Sebastian Lelio, who took home an Academy Award earlier this year for A Fantastic Woman, the year's best foreign film. Several days after Lelio picked up the Oscar, I was conducting an on-stage conversation with actress Jeanne Tripplehorn at the Sun Valley Film Festival when I asked her about her next project.

"Sebastian Lelio is directing an American version of his 2013 film Gloria. This one's called Gloria Bell and it stars Julianne Moore.  I'm in a wonderful co-starring cast including John Turturro, Rita Wilson and Brad Garrett," said Tripplehorn. "Julianne is amazing in this. I can't wait for you to see it."

Julianne Moore is Gloria Bell - COURTESY TIFF
  • Courtesy TIFF
  • Julianne Moore is Gloria Bell
Was it worth the wait? Yes. Add this one to your must-see list.

For the record, Gloria Bell is a fifty-something divorcee who seems be to adept at losing things: her vision, her work colleague (who just got fired) and her daughter (who is moving to Europe), not to mention her heart to the wrong men.

And one more note: Gloria Bell's soundtrack (actually it's more like a mixtape) is so ingrained with Gloria's many moods (and it's so much fun) that the songs are practically co-stars. They include tunes from artists ranging from Gloria Gaynor to Olivia Newton-John to Air Supply to Laura Branigan, singing... "Gloria."  What else?