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TIFF 2017: Meet Professor Marston and the Sexy True Story Behind Wonder Woman


Professor Marston & the Wonder Women - TIFF
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Professor Marston & the Wonder Women could be considered a companion piece to Wonder Woman, one of the biggest box-office hits of summer 2017—but for this one, leave the kids at home.

Professor Marston is the sexually-charged true story of William Moulton Marston, the American psychologist who created Woman Woman for DC Comics (using the pseudonym Charles Moulton) and is often credited with inventing the polygraph machine, or lie detector—ever wonder where the idea of Wonder Woman's golden lasso of truth came came from?

The psychologist's double life as a cartoonist was the least of it, though. Marston, played by Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast), was inspired by his brilliant wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and the couple's mutual lover Olive (Bella Heathcoate), two self-empowered women who defied social conventions while helping Marston advance his behavioral research into what he called his "DISC" model, a theory that all human interaction can be broken down into four behaviors: dominance, inducement, submission and compliance.

Elizabeth and Olive had two children each with Marston, and the two women stayed together 38 years after Marston's death. While they were a threesome, there was a price to pay for the Marston family's unconventional ideas but together, they were a testament to survival against the dark undercurrents of repression still plague society to this day. Their story is the foundation for this fascinating film. It's intellectual, provocative and sexy as hell, and it will certainly be one of the most talked about films of this fall.

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