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Tibbs Gets Tapped

Boise City councilor is Idaho's First Drug "Czar"


Nice work if you can figure it out: Boise City Councilor Jim Tibbs has a new job in Gov. Jim Risch's administration. For $98,000 a year, he'll be the governor's new "Drug Czar," a job with a huge to-do list--solve the drug problem!--but not a lot of specifics.

"I'm not under the impression that we're going to solve this thing," Risch said. "He's going to be plowing new ground." To fund Tibbs' efforts, Risch has directed state agencies that have any interaction with drug policy to contribute money toward the new office.

"I'm going into this with my eyes open," Tibbs said, adding that his first line of duty will be to figure out just how well the state's various anti-drug efforts work with one another.

Tibbs will keep his current gig as a Boise city councilor, for which he pulls down $19,375.

Timing is everything; when Risch's term is up, Tibbs, whether he keeps the job or not, could have a handy new platform item should he decide to run for mayor in 2007.