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Through the Looking Glass: Ballet Idaho Fashion Show

Saturday, March 8


Envision a fusion of fashion, ballet, graffiti and champagne, interspersed with wild spoofs of Alice in Wonderland, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect at the upcoming Ballet Idaho Fashion Show at the Rose Room.

Dancers will walk the runway as haute couture models and supply ample snippets of spoof, providing a "very un-ballet like" event. "I don't want to say the dancers will be performing, exactly, but they will certainly be running out to do snippets of choreography put together by Daniel Ojeda," said Kim Kaine, Ballet Idaho's marketing director

Regardless of whether your vocabulary includes words like flatforms, ferosh or skinnies (a reference to fit, not models), an evening spent in the company of award-winning dancers promises to be admission fee.

Upping the cool factor, Sector 17, a local cooperative known for graffiti-inspired artwork, has created Alice in Wonderland-themed canvases that will be available via the evening's silent auction. Also on hand will be an array of locally crafted jewelry, the perfect opportunity to assemble your own "arm party"--fashion's latest buzzwords for multiple bracelets worn at once. To round out any style maven's dream event, gift certificates for various Boise salons and boutiques will also be available through the silent auction.

Front row (or frow, for those in the know) seats are $64; open seating tickets are $44. Either way, appetizers and champagne are included in the ticket price. And with everything from catwalks to canapes to auctions to graffiti art, there's a good chance you'll find something fierce.