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Three Tall Women


Looking for something to do that's right up your alley? Try the Alley Repertory Theater, now in its second season. In November, Alley Mainstage will bring Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward Albee's Three Tall Women to life. Directed by Tim Saunders, Three Tall Women shows just how tricky personality and its self-deceptions can be. The play revolves around--you guessed it--three tall women of different ages and backgrounds. The women (a young lawyer, a middle-aged caregiver and a rich, bitter old matron) are nameless, and the audience is forced to stay on its toes as the ladies navigate through a conversation that is as stingingly funny as it is haunting and unsettling. The dialogue provides a verbal battle as the women talk rings around one another in an attempt to create, or avoid, any sort of connection. By the play's end, the women's true identities are revealed and the audience is allowed one collective "Oohh" of realization.

Best known for penning the hilariously sharp Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ("Martha? Rubbing alcohol for you?" "Sure. Never mix, never worry!"), Edward Albee creates well-crafted and insightful examinations of the modern condition. Three Tall Women was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for best drama in 1994, the third in Albee's successful career. The play can be viewed as autobiographical in context, as the relationships Albee describes are based on moments of his own life. So whether you're a group of three tall women, four short guys or just a family looking for a little entertainment on these cool nights, the Alley Repertory Theater has you covered.

Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 5-21, 7 p.m., $15, Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., 208-388-4ART,