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This Tuba Kills Saurons and Other Music News


This week in Noise News is all about moving and moving on up. Take, for example, Boise Rock School, which relocated from its warehouse space off River Street to some choice new downtown digs at 1404 W. Idaho St. The school's new space features multiple classrooms, custom murals, a garage door for summer concerts and a color scheme that is supposed to either accelerate learning or ADHD, Rock School founder Ryan Peck isn't sure which.

Also on the move is former Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst. MTV is reporting that he'll be moving from music to TV when he produces and stars in a new sitcom for CBS about a rock star dad. The one thing that won't be changing is his role: The show's working title is Douchebag.

The next musical move is actually a march, from the literary to the musical. The University of Idaho's annual Tubaween will feature a Lord of the Rings theme this year. Dudes in drag playing tubas will perform a skit called "The Lord of the Tuba" in full homemade Middle Earth duds. The student-produced shenanigan is going down at 7:30 p.m on Monday, Oct. 31, at the Lionel Hampton School of Music Haddock Hall at the University of Idaho in Moscow.

Moving on up is Sacramento, Calif.-based schlock-rock band Get Shot, which accepted $50,000 in sponsorship from a "wealthy call-girl" known as Svetta. The band agreed to hire prostitutes as stage dancers for its show, which features singer J.P. Hunter singing into a microphone attached to his wang.

"There was no way anyone else would have given us a loan or invest in us," Hunter said in a press release. "We just want to rock out and hang out with hot girls. I'm glad someone has faith in us."

The band is currently holding a national "talent" search and is planning a 56-city tour with its fancy new money and fancy ladies.

The final move is a skip. Uber Tuesdays, the killer free concert series Visual Arts Collective hosted most of the summer will be taking off the rest of the year because of theater productions booked into the space before the concert series began. Don't worry, uber-goobers. VAC officials told BW that the Uber will be back in your Tuesdays in 2012--just in time for the Mayan apocalypse to end Tuesdays once and for all.

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