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Third Time's the Charm


As any film editor can tell you, cutting together a great movie, by necessity, must be a fluid process. Greg Green, writer and director of Three of a Kind, takes this notion to heart.

"When working on a film so diligently, you lose objectivity," said Green. "That's why the test screenings we held in Boise and Utah were so important. Even though we received very positive feedback ... we also received critical input that was taken to heart."

Filmed in and around Boise last autumn--the City of Trees standing in for the Windy City of Chicago--Three of a Kind is part mob thriller, part revenge film. Anna (Jodi Russell) is the abused wife of mafioso Victor (Tom Adams). When a tender-hearted recruit (Jared Zirilli) decides to help Anna escape, the two set up a complex caper involving snowy flights to freedom and a deadly game of blackjack.

Three of a Kind has been a 36-year process for Green, who recently relocated to Boise from North Carolina. While a student at the University of Iowa, Green created the short film The Payoff (1975), which grew into Three of a Kind.

"I've been in this business for over 30 years," said Green, a six-time regional Emmy winner for his work on documentaries and news programs such as 60 Minutes. "I know what seems to work and what doesn't."

Three of a Kind will receive its third and final test screening this Friday, Nov. 17, so if you've ever wanted the opportunity to exercise your inner Ebert, sign up on the film's website to attend this special event.