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Think Boise First Coupon Book

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As I stood at the register, a thought forced its way into my mind: "Is it bad etiquette to use a coupon to buy a gift?"

Then, a second thought appeared, beat the first thought into submission and victoriously cried: "What the hell are you talking about? Saving money on something you already planned to buy isn't rude, it's smart planning!"

The internal struggle settled, and I left All About Games with $5 extra to my name. I proceeded to sit in my car reviewing the Think Boise First coupon book. Buy-one, get-one espresso drinks at Flying M? Um, hello. Two-for-one drinks at Pengilly's? Yes, thank you. Twenty percent off at the Record Exchange? Hell, ya. Half-price refill of my growler at Bittercreek Ale House. No brainer.

Finally, Think Boise First put together discounts from more than 100 local businesses that the average person would actually use. For those who have a weird aversion to using coupons: get over it. This book will help you.

The coupon books are available at more than a dozen locations for $10 a pop, and the discounts are good for a year. Check for a list of locations.

Reaching the back of the book, I found my holy grail coupon: a free haircut with the purchase of a color service from my very own stylist. Here's a warning, Jen, I'll be calling in December, and I have a coupon.