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They Should Have Prayed For A Reason to Stay Home


Planning an armed robbery is tricky business. From the outset, prospective felons face tough questions: How much force am I willing to use? Is the thing I'm stealing really worth the trouble? What if someone sees us--what then? After all, it's not like Grand Theft Auto. You can't just start over. But without too much hesitation, we can say that Gustavo Diaz Orosco, Arutro Ramirez Flores and their 16-year-old accomplice probably wish they could press the reset button following their November 3 heist at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Nampa.

The trio entered the church at approximately 8:30 p.m, according to an article in the Idaho Press-Tribune. Upon entering the chapel, they reportedly happened across a 19-year-old parishioner--not that unusual, since the chapel is open 24 hours. Orosco is accused of pointing a gun at the parishioner and ordered him to get down on the ground. In the meantime, he and the 16-year-old allegedly grabbed a 5-gallon jar full of donated coins, worth no more than a few hundred dollars, and fled. Officers apprehended the juvenile just a block from the church, and shortly after nabbed Orosco and Flores during a traffic stop. If convicted (and if the juvenile is charged as an adult), all three could face a maximum penalty of life in prison.