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They Might be Giants

Saturday, Nov. 5 at Knitting Factory


When They Might Be Giants hosted PostModern MTV in 1989 they seemed unlikely candidates to become kids' entertainers. They were a slightly off-kilter Brooklyn, N.Y.,-based act that wrote stylistically simple songs with equally simple lyrics like, "Be what you like / Be like yourself / And so I'm having a wonderful time / But I'd rather be whistling in the dark," or the two-word song "Minimum Wage."

It was those easy, catchy hooks on 1990's Flood that eventually led TMBG into a career in the kid music biz, which won them two Grammy awards. After all, while an academic history lesson that Istanbul was once Constantinople might not stick, anyone who's ever heard TMBG's version of events won't forget that if you have a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting in Istanbul. This tour, however, is all about the big kids, as the band tours in support of its new album, Join Us.

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