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They Might Be Giants Might Be Playing in Boise

Sunday, June 9 at Egyptian Theatre


Brooklyn odd-pop band They Might Be Giants has been performing and releasing albums since the early '80s. Yet most Americans know the band's work through other media.

TMBG composed and/or performed songs for multiple TV shows and films, including Malcolm in the Middle and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Before that, the group ran a popular Dial-a-Song service, where people could dial a phone number and listen to a song the band had recorded onto an answering machine--something it did more than 500 times.

Though you most likely know the band from one of those sources instead of its dozens of releases and decades of live performances, this is the week to give it a shot in its original format: as a live band. The show is for ages 14 and up.

[ Video is no longer available. ]