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They could take on any soB except the 900-lb. gorilla in the band


I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House was a Portland-based band but, since they came through Boise so many times, they'd definitely become honorary locals. SOB's record label, In Music We Trust, sent out an official statement on December 18 stating that the rumors are true: The band broke up.

On November 18, SOB played a set at Outlaw's in Portland. Bad sound and a small crowd of around 60 fueled frontman Mike Damron's frustration with SOB's general direction. Damron left the stage and the bar in the middle of a set. According to a press release sent from Alex Steininger, head of In Music, Damron says, "We had a great run. We toured this country many times over for nearly six years. But, after six years and four records, I felt it was starting to run its course, and I wanted to do more things musically that this band was incapable of. I want to write more rock songs, yeah, but I also want to write country songs, more folk-y songs, and other stuff the band wasn't willing to do. They wanted to make all the songs rock songs and a lot of the newer stuff I was writing wasn't going in that direction. And I didn't feel like trying to force it upon the song. If the song was a rock song, I was all for it. But if it wasn't, it needed to not be a rock song."

SOB had just finished tracking their fourth album--ironically titled Bad Days Ahead--which should be released in spring of 2007. Damron will continue to work on solo projects and with his new trio, Michael Dean Damron and the Loyal Bastards, which is scheduled to release a full-length album next summer.

--Amy Atkins

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