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They Came From The West


Here's another reason the perp in the previous story may have turned himself in rather than continue running through the greater Ontario/Fruitland metropolitan area: Said area is apparently home to a small army of other perps who do far worse things in grocery store parking lots than peacefully surrendering to the police.

Boise Police announced Friday that they have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of Christopher Swanson, 24, of Boise. A citizen found Swanson's body in a parking lot behind the Hillcrest Shopping Center on Wednesday. An autopsy showed that he had died from having his throat cut. Working with the Malheur and Payette county sheriff's offices and Fruitland city police, Boise narrowed in on Joseph Garcia, 22, of Ontario, and Mark Pando, 21, of Fruitland, both of whom were arrested without incident and charged with first-degree murder and robbery. Brittany Rosenbaum, 19, also of Fruitland, was also arrested and charged with intimidation of a witness in connection with the case. Police allege that Garcia and Pando were in the process of robbing Swanson when he was killed, though few other details about the incident have been released thus far.