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They Are Not (Young) Men

Inimitable '80s icons DEVO will release a new album this fall, their first since 1990.

The as-yet-unnamed album follows the success of a 2007 single, "Watch Us Work It," and a decades-long role as the elder statesmen of art punk who whipped it good in 1980. If you're headed to SXSW this year, you're in the right place to catch the Mothersbaugh/Casale/Freese quintet at a press conference and keynote panel on Thursday, March 19, and a one-night-only performance on Friday, March 20, at the Austin Music Hall. Lucky you.

Bordering on Beautiful

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the powers that be, or PTB, at Warner Bros. commissioned a compilation of 11 artists to create contemporary covers of songs from its star-filled library of music. Mastodon covers ZZ Top; Taking Back Sunday takes on Tom Petty; The Used fires up Talking Heads. I'm not sure I agree with all of the PTB's choices, but the Flaming Lips/Stardeath and White Dwarfs cover of Madonna's "Borderline" is a stunner. Wayne Coyne's haunting falsetto floats in, followed by his nephew Dennis Coyne's vocals, which reach near-feedback pitch. Their voices float above electronic and man-made beats—including a heart-pounding gong. This slowed-down version of one of Madonna's more perfect pop pieces is an auralgasmic pleasure. Visit to hear all of the songs and visit to see the "Borderline" video.


Go Listen Boise, in conjunction with Downtown Boise Association, has jumped on the speeding buy-local/be-local train and is booking local musicians to play half-hour opening spots at this year's Alive After Five concert series. The concerts run Wednesday, June 3, through Wednesday, Sept. 30, and the deadline for registration, a simple process, is Saturday, March 21. Visit to register and to be considered for a spot. By registering, musical acts may also post photos and links to their own Web sites and access the site's Go Listen Boise calendar, where they can add show listings.

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