The Zombie Apocalypse Storms Bogies Nightclub

Friday, Dec. 21


Some claim the Mayan calendar prophesies the full and complete destruction of the Earth on Friday, Dec. 21. Be it at the hands of the dark planet Nemesis, Earth's interaction with a black hole or a solar flare, the planet and our civilization are probably (not) doomed. With potential darkness looming comes an opportunity for all things undead to raise a glass to hell on Earth.

If it's guts and gore you want, it's guts and gore you will get at the first, and ostensibly last, Zombie Apocalypse party at Bogies Nightclub, presented by Wicked Wonderland and pr0cess.

Undead go-go dancers, zombie cage fighting and ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna's eerie tones and weirdness await those eager to unleash their inner ghoul.

Local beat freaks DJ Bones and Dayne 5150 will share the stage with Vrenna, Seattle's DJ Noir and Las Vegas' own Scott Stubbs.

Beware those younger than 21, this event is only open for those old enough to throw down with the spirits.

Steve Ramos, Apocalypse organizer and former Esthetic Evolution promoter, has been around the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) circuit for more than 10 years and sees the event as a way to celebrate "that the world isn't really going to end."

Either way, it's an evening to toast the coming of the end, or even some newfound fiends.