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The Wild Reeds

Neurolux, Thursday, May 16


Cheers (Dualtone, 2019), the latest album from The Wild Reeds, raises a glass to discord, kinship and contradiction. Bust Magazine wrote that "Even Cheers' most haunting moments have something of the California sky in them," perhaps no surprise for a band based out of Los Angeles. Starting from the top of the album, "Moving Target" is the kind of missed-opportunity love song that conjures up teen girls with waist-length hair mussing it to the music after a long day of heartbreak. References to Cupid's arrows butt up against lines like "We used to live beside the same dream / Am I all you claim from reality?" that call for more than superficial listening. Fronted by three women who serve as the band's singer-songwriters—Kinsey Lee, Mackenzie Howe and Sharon Silva—The Wild Reeds may just deserve a trio of spotlights when it struts onto the">Neurolux stage.