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The Wide World of Food


I admit, it's difficult not to play favorites with weekly editions. This week is one of those weeks that will make the short list of favorites because it's the week Restaurant Guide hits stands. Special publications like Restaurant Guide, Bar Guide, Annual Manual and Gift Guide are typically considered an editorial team's worst nightmares. Let's face it: It's extra work in addition to putting together a weekly paper and a constantly updated website. Lots of extra work. So much extra work, in fact, we have a full-time position in our department dedicated to getting them out the door. Despite the extra effort though, they sure are pretty. And--we hope--useful.

This is the second edition of our Restaurant Guide, and as we put it together, we had a pretty singular focus in mind: to make you salivate. And, along the way, we hope we've introduced you to a few places you may not know about or at least reminded you of a few you may have forgotten. As you thumb through the pages of Restaurant Guide this week, we're already pulling together the final details of Bar Guide, which you'll find inserted into an April edition of Boise Weekly. If there's one thing we love to do as much as eat, it's drink.

This edition of Boise Weekly is our annual Food issue. So, in addition to the Restaurant Guide, you're also getting two feature stories about food in this edition. In the first, we talk street food--specifically Food trucks and trailers. Food trucks are all the rage in many cities, and as much as some would like to see a street food culture here become as vibrant as it is, for example, in Portland, Ore., it just ain't so. In "Food Cart-ography," we talk about what is happening in Boise and why that may or may not change. In the Food section, Guy Hand examines the carnivore's favorite meat: steak. In "Steak 101" Hand talks to one author who compares steak to wine in terms of flavor complexity, as well as one Idaho rancher whose grass-fed beef has beaten competition worldwide to be the best.

Hankerin' for a steak or a plate of street tacos yet? Just keep reading ...