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The Weepies: Be My Thrill


It's a treat to come across a musical duo with as much singing, songwriting and playing ability as the husband-and-wife team of Deb Talan and Steven Tannen, who comprise the California-based band, the Weepies.

The release of their newest album, Be My Thrill, is a continuation of the unique, ethereal sound that captivated fans and earned them No. 34 on the Billboard 200 chart with their last album, Hideaway.

Their music incorporates folk and jazz, spiced in a stew of pop melodies and acoustic guitar. Their sweet soft ballads have been featured in TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl and Sex and the City and even in a Barack Obama campaign ad.

Be My Thrill opens with the somber "Please Speak Well of Me," with Talan's sweet, resonant voice imploring, "Don't say words / you don't mean / when I'm gone / please speak well of me." "Red Red Rose" is more upbeat, with Tannen's vocals up front. The drum and guitar combination has a melodic, easy rhythm and the repetition of verse endings creates an easily singable, nigh forgettable number.

One of the sadder tunes, "They're in Love, Where Am I?" showcases Talan's beautiful voice. Instantly stuck in your mind, the glassy notes she hits blend perfectly with the lullaby-like music as she sings, "Lovers walk, two by two / doin' things lovers do / they're in love, where am I?"

With the birth of their son as their last album was being finished and shipped out, Talan and Tannen stayed at home to build their family. In a press release, Tannen explained that it took about a year to finish Be My Thrill.

"We wrote something like 70 tunes, and were able to experiment quite a bit before these 14 songs emerged as the record," he writes. "We took as much time as we needed at every step and taking that pressure off made the whole thing a little lighter," Talan writes. "This is the most fun we've had making a record."

With the new album comes a reason to tour, and the Weepies will hit points all across the United States, including a stop in Boise on Friday, Oct. 22, at the Bouquet.