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The Week in Review: Quirk Caught on Camera


Last week, Boise cranked up the eccentricity along with the air conditioning. The city filled with flag-waving tots in red-white-and-blue mohawks, sweaty and buzzed bikers dressed like The Dude and colorful ballet dancers in shaggy soundsuits.

On July 4, while you were busy belting out "Born in the U.S.A." in a kiddie pool between glugs of Bud and bites of burger, BW photographer Patrick Sweeney stopped by the annual Fourth of July Liberty Day Parade downtown and then booked it to Ann Morrison Park for some slick chalk art before the bombastic fireworks display. You can check out a photo recap of all the patriotic action here.

And on First Thursday, July 5, BW interns Amy Merrill and Tabitha Bower hit the streets for some artsy action. Bower stopped by the 11th Annual Juried Art Show at Art Source Gallery, where juror Amy Pence-Brown handed out cash awards to Maria Essig, Angela Neiwert, Linda Berberick and Rachel Linquist.

"Those in attendance were high-spirited, even when Zion Warne's glass sculpture was accidentally knocked over and damaged," wrote Bower. "The artist took the damage with a grain of salt, as another joked: 'Looks like you sold something!'"

Over at Bricolage, Merrill was mesmerized by artist Brienne Oliver's mixed-media exhibit, Punkin Heart's Whimsy A'flight.

"Oliver's hanging animals--pigs, elephants, frogs--were suspended from the ceiling in front of an elaborately created background," Merrill observed. "The light-hearted pieces were indeed as whimsical as they were creative."

And at Boise Art Museum, a crowd of roughly 70 people gathered around Nick Cave's massive stationary soundsuits in anticipation of a live performance by Ballet Idaho dancers.

For a First Thursday photo slideshow, click here.

And speaking of gathering crowds, 96 racers packed the street in front of BWHQ July 7 before our annual Bars and Stripes alley cat. Racers haphazardly skidded up to Boise bars, including R Bar, Liquid, The Crux and Player's Pub and Grill.

"At The Crux, BW News Editor George Prentice quizzed racers with American citizenship test questions, while intern Tabitha Bower held down the fort at Player's Pub and Grill--this year's Coldest Beer winner--where she had racers pose as The Dude from Big Lebowski," noted BW Staff Writer Andrew Crisp.

Art Widmar came in first place in the men's division, followed by Logan Barclay and Ian Falconer. Maggie Schumacher took first on the ladies' side, followed by Jamie Parham and Courtney Brown.

To cap off the race, alleycatters gathered at the corner of Ninth and Miller streets, where BW hosted a parking lot block party with booze provided by Ninkasi Brewing, ice cream and food from RiceWorks.

You can peep a Bars and Stripes photo slideshow here.