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The Waybacks, August 10


Alive after Five is a typical Boise scene. There are gray-haired groovy folks, clean-cut families, tattoos and piercings, business people clad in suits and the "dressed to attract" swinging singles. All groups come together on Wednesday at the Boise Centre on the Grove to kick back and relax, listen to a live band and drink a few beers in the late summer sunshine.

This was my first Alive after Five this season. To my pleasure, it was far less crowded than I've heard it normally is. Those of you who didn't go missed a great band performance. "The Waybacks" were pretty darn good. I was told beforehand that The Waybacks are a bluegrass band and I was thrilled because I am a bluegrass lover. When I arrived and heard their music, I wasn't so sure about their bluegrass sound. However, after I heard more songs, I realized that they are truly a modern bluegrass band that can play many different styles. Some of their songs sounded like Irish jigs, some sounded like bluegrass and some sounded like jammin' blues and the crowd was entertained and energized.

According to their Web site ( there are four band members: James Nash (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals), Stevie Coyle (guitar and vocals), Joe Kyle Jr. (stand up bass, vocals) and Chuck Hamilton (drums and percussion). This performance, they also had a fiddle player on stage who helped with vocals. He was a great asset.

The Waybacks have put out two CDs, Devolver and Burger after Church. They also have a live CD titled Way Live which is rumored to be their best since it portrays them in their element-performing in front of an audience with zeal.

The Waybacks will be touring California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming in the next few months, so if you get the chance to see them, do