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The Water Godfather Gets Dunked


What's water worth in Idaho? That's a toughie, but here are a couple of answers. To former deputy watermaster Clayton Fullmer, water's worth whatever you can sell it for, under the table, to some desperate ranchers. To Seventh District Judge Brent Moss, who sentenced Fullmer last week, it's worth 10 days in the clink, a bunch of community service, three years of probation and $1,470 in restitution to the Idaho Department of Water Resources.

According to a release from the Idaho Attorney General's Office, Fullmer told two eastern Idaho ranchers in 2003 that they were out of water, but that he had access to some top-secret water that a private party wanted to sell. Fullmer, the office says, accepted payment for the illicit irrigation inventory, even though an AG investigation showed that no such private party existed. Fullmer plead guilty to grand theft on November 29 of last year, and was sentenced to serve two to six years in prison, but Moss suspended the prison sentence.