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The Wailers Prepare to Stir Boise Up

Sunday, Jan. 22 at Knitting Factory


Take a stroll through any college dorm and chances are you'll notice some sign of Bob Marley's lasting presence, whether it's the sounds of his uplifting reggae tunes or green-red-and-yellow stoner ware.

Marley's famed backing band, The Wailers, have carried the reggae king's torch since his untimely death in 1981. At the helm of this musical collective is bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Marley's former right-hand man. The Wailers stick mostly to classic Marley songs like "Get Up, Stand Up," but also maintain a number of originals.

These roots rock/reggae pioneers are accompanied by Jamaican singer Koolant. While Koolant might not have the charisma of Marley, he and his crew of Rastafari reggae stars will undoubtedly provide a night of worry-free entertainment for old heads and newcomers alike.

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