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The Tour De Lost Children


Tour de Fat was on Saturday at Julia Davis Park. This is the fifth year that BW has sponsored this event, and our support has helped the event grow and become a favorite among bicycle, beer and music enthusiasts. This is the first year that I participated in the annual bike parade--I won't miss it next year. There's nothing quite like a police-escorted leisurely bike ride around Boise on a beautiful late summer morning. My kids also participated in the parade, although my son and his friend decided to join the parade without my knowledge. I thought they were back at the booth playing and decorating their bikes and themselves while I was taking the ride. Upon my return the boys were missing and I was panic struck. I solicited the help of all my friends and the Boise police. They diffused my hysteria, assured me that the boys were fine and that this happens all the time, and that they had not lost anyone yet. The boys had ducked out at the Boise Co-op and headed to my house of my son's friend in the North End. They were safe and sound--just not where they were supposed to be. All was well and it added to the excitement of a wonderful day at Tour de Fat. Don't miss it next year!

--Sally Barnes