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The Tonic Room is now the largest recording studio in Idaho

Also Sting's new ID masseuer-Tiger Army's punches a local


The Tonic Room, Idaho's largest recording studio, recently re-opened their doors at 1509 Robert St. on the corner of Vista and Overland. Before temporarily closing for renovations, the studio operated for four months, recording local bands like Midline and Saint Anthony. The studio encompasses 2,500 square feet, and includes a main production studio, mastering studio (think studio-within-a-studio) and a large kitchen to service the dedicated musicians and staff slaving away for days on end. The all-day approach is economically recommended by co-owner and engineer Jason Ringelstetter, as the Tonic Room charges $65 per hour and stops charging after eight hours of use in one day. The comparatively pricey hourly rate is due to the larger facility, high-tech equipment and because, "We'll be working really hard for [clients]," Ringelstetter says. The great studio sound may definitely be worth the extra money, though Ringelstetter is quick to point out competition between local studios is not cutthroat. He acknowledges 13-year-old Audio Lab and The Mix House's Scott Pergande as both being great resources for Boise. "You come to work on a project and you're spending 40 to 100 hours with the bands, you get to know each other well," says Ringelstetter, who formerly worked in the industry in Nashville before coming to Boise. For more information, contact Ringelstetter or Chris Parks, at 794-4295.

Local music buzz this week also includes a local massage therapist, Jeffrey Clark, leaving his practice to follow Sting on tour as his masseur-in-residence, after Sting sought out Clark's services while the rockstar was in town for his Broken Music Tour April 9. Rumor has it, Clark is even heading out to Italy to continue on as Sting's massage therapist.

When Tiger Army played on May 7 at the Big Easy, a member of the band was so enraged at the sound, he punched a member of the Big Easy's staff. The sound guy who was hit is now pressing charges against Tiger Army's aggressive band member.

-Jennifer Parsons