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The Toasters Will Heat Boise Up

Sunday, Feb. 5 at The Shredder


In comedy, it's said the real money is in dick and fart jokes. In music, the real money also involves the posterior, though it has more to do with making booties shake than toot.

Of course, it's better when the beat is beneath music of merit. Hence the appeal of ska: lyrical themes of social justice, bright and brassy melodies from horn sections, and a beat so danceable it forbids sitting.

On Sunday, Feb. 5, Boise can shake its tuchus off with one of history's finest ska bands: The Toasters.

According to its website, The Toasters (which formed in 1981) was the first foreign ska band to play behind the Iron Curtain in Russia.

Last year, The Toasters celebrated its 30th anniversary with a tour and a beer brewed in its honor. This week, the band will rock The Shredder.