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The Toasters to Toast Boise

Thursday, Jan. 31 at The Shredder


Everything old is new again. To one generation, ska hit in the '90s. To another, it hit in the late '70s. And to an even older generation, it hit in the late '50s. Ska's ragged-up stroked guitars and horn lines were originally Caribbean interpretations of American rock 'n' roll that had been mutilated over the airwaves.

One band that took its cues from early ska is The Toasters, which formed in 1981 and is now cruising along the underground club circuit on its 32nd anniversary tour.

Sonically, the band hasn't changed a thing, with peppy dance beats and up-tempo anthems to the working class. But why should it? Ska ain't broke, so there's no reason to fix it.

So, if you want to see The Toasters before the next wave of ska hits, you can do so at The Shredder Thursday, Jan. 31.