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The Three R's

Reading, writing and 'rithmetic.


When I was young, I spent summers with my grandparents, who I utterly adored and made me truly understand what it meant to feel loved. They lived in a modest house on a quiet street in Pocatello, a windy town founded as a railroad stop along the Portneuf River and, other than a neighbor girl, there weren't many kids my age around.

My grandmother believed education didn't stop when school let out so, everyday, she would make me recite my times tables, practice long division and read from an aging set of history books. She and my grandfather were also artistic—if memory serves, they met doing a musical—and my grandmother spent hours teaching me songs on their electric Yamaha organ.

I never mastered math nor can I play piano, but memories of those summers and the songs I learned are as much a part of me as the wide mouth I inherited from my grandfather's side and the same fine, unmanageable hair my grandmother fought with.

One tune that pops in my head with some regularity is "School Days," a sentimental ditty written in the early 1900s, which includes a line about the Three R's: "reading, writing and 'rithmetic." In this edition of Boise Weekly, we explore three R's as well.

First, Boise Weekly Editor-in-Chief Zach Hagadone chatted with some Idaho ranchers and learned that despite the widespread media coverage of discontent toward the federal government among Western ranchers, those ranchers would actually much rather work with the feds than against them.

Second, BW News Editor George Prentice discovered reports of sexual assault are up at Boise State University—the number of incidences haven't increased but reporting them has, which is a good thing.

The third and final R is our Red Carpet Movie Awards Contest, presented by The Flicks and The Balcony, which you should definitely enter. Visit redcarpetballot.boiseweekly.com, pick the Oscar winners and be eligible to win some sweet prizes, like an unlimited one-year pass to The Flicks; a bar tab at The Balcony; a stay at Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, Nev.; and more.