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The Slants, Feb. 20, VAC


Think "Chinatown" and guitar-laden techno probably doesn't come to mind. But think Portland, Ore., band The Slants (yes, I cringe when I say their name out loud, too) and the term "Chinatown dance rock" does.

And now The Slants have guaranteed that will forever be their tagline with the release of Slants, Slants Revolution (cringe), eight remixed tracks from their debut, Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts (cringe cringe).

The nice thing about the remixes is that they retain not only the essence but also the foundation of the original tracks, while taking them all up a notch or 10. The original synthy, futuristic "Capture Me Burning" is danceable, but its slowish tempo fosters an eyes-down, shoulders-swaying, bangs-ever-so-slightly swinging shuffle. The remixed version takes a long nap, drinks a case of Red Bull and dances from dusk 'til dawn.

Saturday, Feb. 20, with The Very Most and Spondee, 8 p.m., $5. VAC, 3638 Osage St.,