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The Sickness


This past weekend the sickness everyone else passed around over the past four months finally caught me. I had thought I was invincible, able to ward off any diseases. It was the price, I felt, I paid for being almost constantly sick as a kid. I thought my antibodies and immunity would prevent me from suffering the same awful fate.

It started late Friday afternoon-watery eyes, a slight tickle in the back of the throat. A dry, upper-nasal cough proceeded over the weekend to gather mucus and depth whilst moving south toward my lungs. My eyes felt pickled, briny with a stinging sensation. Only pressing on them with my thumbs alleviated the pain.

At this point, my abdomen is sore from coughing. While it is a good workout for my flabby gut, it's not exactly how I wanted to work on my literal six-pack abs.

My nose is raw. Tissues litter the floor next to the bed and no amount of hot tea will soothe my pain. In the past, I've tried cold medicine, but that only makes the pain worse, drying my sinuses to the point of feeling like open wounds. Only time will heal this sickness. Avoid kissing me for the next week. I don't want to get you sick too.

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