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The Short Shelf Life of Election Results


Which Boise Weekly do you read? Of course, there's the traditional print issue, which hits the streets each Wednesday and provides some intellectual stimulation while staining your fingers. And then there's boiseweekly.com, where we pump out Web-exclusive content via Citydesk and Cobweb, our 24/7 platforms of information, videos and just-plain-interesting stuff.

When someone tugs on the sleeve of a BW reporter and says something like, "I read 'so-and-so' in the Weekly," he or she could be talking about a blog post that included a video that we tweeted out from the scene of a breaking story, or perhaps the reader is referring to a concert review posted minutes after the last encore was performed, or maybe the reader spotted an online interview we conducted with a celebrity or powerbroker. In fact, Boise Weekly is a bit of a misnomer. More accurately, it's more of a brand.

Our most recent example is our election coverage. While, like the rest of the working stiff journalists in town, we were shoving out results from the Nov. 6 contests, we were also posting exclusive online profiles of the faces and voices of the craziness that was Election Night 2012,

Our stories included the bizarre poolside view at the Boise Democratic Party headquarters where revelers watched President Barack Obama's victory speech on a television hovering over a hotel swimming pool; elsewhere, we rubbed elbows with concert-goers at Neurolux doing all they could to avoid the election results; another reporter spent the evening with a group touting itself as "Mormons for Obama." And still another scribe met the 4-year-old son of a just-elected Democratic state senator who told us he would have voted for Mitt Romney "because I like his hair."

Meanwhile, recognizing that the election was quickly losing its shelf life, the morning after Election Night, Boise Weekly was distributing its next issue with a scant amount of political content inside. Instead, we were looking forward to the upcoming season of winter recreation, showcasing visits to area slopes, considering winter beverages and foods and talking to a young Boise woman poised to begin the World Cup ski season in Europe.

Some may call that being "ahead of the curve." It's actually a bit more simple: We're just trying to keep up with our readers. Some like it hot (sizzling election results) and some like it cold (with an eye to the slopes). Some prefer their news on a laptop or smartphone. Others prefer to spread out the paper on the kitchen table. We like it all.