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The Shivas

Wednesday, Nov. 25, Neurolux


Just in time for Thanksgiving, another listen to The Shivas' You Know What to Do (K Records, 2014) offers reminders of a few things to be thankful for: We're thankful kids are still discovering 1960s Nuggets-style rock 'n' roll and making it their own. We're thankful K Records is still releasing kick-ass, lo-fi punk albums. Last but not least, we're thankful living legend Calvin Johnson is still producing fuzzed-out rock with a strong sense of soul and melody at his Dub Narcotic Studio.

Don't take these things for granted, and give thanks on Wednesday, Nov. 25, when The Shivas barnstorm the Neurolux. Rock out and get stupid at the kids' table before you to have go act like an adult and have a sit-down meal with your parents.