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The Shivas Return to the Scene of the Treefort

Wednesday, Aug. 29 at Red Room


At some point, every guitar player swears he or she is going to start a surf band or a surf-influenced band at the bare minimum. Most never follow through but The Shivas did.

The Portland, Ore., band's set at Treefort Music Fest was a surf-ninja assault of shimmering tremolo and ragged pop riffs drowning in reverb. But the band veers away from the tried-and-true, catchy instrumental riff formula of The Ventures and more toward traditional pop rock with vocals and less-static arrangements. There are clear elements of The Pixies but with a far-less-deranged vibe.

Though drummer Kristin Leonard shot vocalist Jared Wait-Molyneux in the face after robbing a rural convenience store in the video for the song "Gun in My Pocket," between the band's dreamy surf-pop soundtrack and its generally nonthreatening demeanor, it comes off as more cuddly than destructive.

[ Video is no longer available. ]