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The Sanguinarian

Local vampire film (hopefully, not local vampires though)


The Sanguinarian is seductive. It's allegorical. It is summarized as "a metaphorical and sensual drama of pseudo-Shakespearean language, where a suicidal vampire spirals out of control in an unconventional and surreal world." It is a vampire movie.

Vampires may be an overly familiar commodity right now, but director Analisa Ravella tackled the genre with an authentic "anti-Twilight" approach, spinning a real story in the style of a graphic novel. Ravella co-wrote the screenplay with Charles Beal, who also plays the lead character, Cristoph. Beal did not originally intend to play the part, but near the end of the writing process he felt he knew the character so thoroughly that, combined with his acting experience, he wanted to take a crack at it. Beal and Ravella said they wanted to tell a story using vampires because they "have a very allegorical nature to them. They're full of secrets and a good way for people to relate to the themes of pain and failure."

The Sanguinarian was filmed entirely in Boise. The filmmakers created no definitive era, but the setting resembles a post-industrial metropolis, circa the 1940s. When Ravella started making the film a few years ago, skeptics told her that her film was too large to make in Boise. She ignored the naysayers and moved forward, employing a number of international musicians and costumers. Local filmmaker Michael D. Gough (America's Core) served as cinematographer.

After seeing a rough cut of the film, it's safe to say that Ravella managed to prove her skeptics wrong. Given the state of the economy now, Ravella said she's glad she started when she did, although it was still tough going. Ravella received help from the city but said she didn't get much from the Idaho Film Commission. She said she's not likely to make another film in Idaho, but she and Beal are glad Boise audiences will get to see The Sanguinarian on Saturday, June 5, before they submit it to national and international film festivals. They've already submitted it in Germany, England and Australia and have received interest from some studio executives.

For more information on the red carpet screening at the Egyptian Theatre on Saturday, June 5, visit The Sanguinarian Facebook page.