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The S1nd1cate, Nov. 27, Knitting Factory


Black Friday gets a little darker with Boise hard-electro rock band The S1nd1cate's post-Thanksgiving blowout.

Mike Lee (vocals, multi-media) and musical partner Vert Sin (guitars, programming) have been together since 2002 mixing "goth-free industrial" music with "post-apocalyptic" lyrics.

"It sounds gimmicky, but we're like ICP in that we have a story. Fans get into that," Lee said. "We have fans coming from out-of-state for this show."

S1nd1cate's hybrid of genres and instrumentation has a commercial appeal: They've licensed music to Fox Sports, ESPN, Nash Bridges and the creepy TV series Harper's Island.

Lee said they have a lightshow and a special surprise planned for the Black Friday show and that everyone--even goths--should find something to enjoy. "Our music is aggressive, but danceable. It's even a little sinful," Lee said.

With A New Agenda, Blue Mask, Four Star Generals; 7 p.m., $6. Knitting Factory, 416 S. Ninth St.,