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The Robin Wilson Workout Plan


What keeps most people from staying on a regular walking schedule? They get bored, of course. Here are two suggestions on how to make the old neighborhood walk more entertaining, courtesy of Robin A. Wilson, 24, of Boise:

Number one: Get stoned.

Number two: Develop a hobby that you can work on while walking.

Boise Police arrested Wilson at what police call a "drug house" on the Bench last week on charges of possession of a controlled substance, grand theft and forgery. When officers arrived at the home to serve a search warrant, they found hundreds of pieces of mail that she is suspected of stealing from area mailboxes since October 23. Police say there may be up to 200 victims from around the Bench, south of Overland between Orchard and Broadway--over 2 miles--and that Wilson may have stolen both ingoing and outgoing mail. Among the booty they found in the house were checks, credit cards, Netflix videos, birthday cards with empty money envelopes and a coin collection with the coins missing. Postal officials will reportedly notify the victims within a couple of weeks of arrest. In other words, if you live on the bench, check your mail now.

Officers are seeking drug-related warrants for two more revelers at the "drug house," and also arrested Brent Hatch, 28, of Boise on an unrelated charge of possessing forged checks during the same incident.