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The River Whispers While Boise Rocks

Saturday, March 23


Art can't thrive in a vacuum. At a concert, the term "stage performance" means much more than just the notes being played; at a gallery, the appreciation of art is enhanced when it's presented in an inspiring space.

And since spring means that Boise's best gallery is outside among the budding trees and blooming flowers, art is heading outdoors. Saturday, March 23, San Francisco-based artist Peter Max Lawrence presents an afternoon of avant-garde performances, contemporary art videos and music on the Boise Greenbelt between Capitol Boulevard and Walnut Avenue, starting at noon.

River Whispers offers welcome arboreal refuge and thoughtful arts displays within easy biking distance of Treefort Music Fest.

The performance includes readings by LaRece Egli, who will offer a spoken-word performance about "something shocking and outrageous and most likely about gun control and/or Jesus and queers."

You can also catch an Amero-Korean pop video project by Laura Hyunjhee Kim; a dance choreographed by Macklin Kowal and Peter Max Lawrence called "In the Middle of the Meadow, a Patch of Daisies," about the economies of exchange and intimate experience.

There will be still more dance from Elizabeth McSurdy--known in Boise for her work with Balance Dance Company.

Other presenters include Argentina-born documentary photographer Michelle L. Morby, performance artist Maryam Rostami and San Francisco poet Nico Peck.

Promising theoretical and avant-garde entertainment and set along the picturesque Boise River--in which McSurdy will likely set her dance performance--River Whispers will deliver an introspective and thoughtful respite from the action downtown.